Stress, Health & Wellbeing Among Irish Doctors – National Survey

Many Irish Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists are suffering from stress.

We do not have statistics on current stress levels amongst Irish doctors, dentists and pharmacists. A study conducted by Dr Bláthnaid Hayes, Dean of the Faculty of Occupational Health at the RCPI indicated that many doctors were experiencing stress. The annual Medical Council survey called ‘Your Training Counts’ also highlighted the issues among medical trainees. While most trainees reported good health, a small but significant minority are clearly struggling to maintain good quality of life and mental health and wellbeing.

Trainees in the hospital setting were more challenged when it came to maintaining good health and wellbeing. A strong, significant and consistent link between the experience of bullying and undermining with poorer health and wellbeing among trainees. A link was also found between hours worked and trainee reported health and wellbeing are also evident.