“Practitioners Health Matters Programme (PHMP) and Dr Delargy have saved my life and my career. PHMP is a gift that I did not feel I deserved at many times during my recovery and the relief that such a service existed to a group of people who are trained to be impervious to flaws was a relief and a surprise, especially in this country where young practitioners are exposed to so much abuse.

It is not possible to solve the sort of problems I had on my own and with their non-judgemental care and their support, I have been able to reclaim my career without incontrovertible consequences. This would not have been possible if I had waited longer or had attempted to deal with my mental health issues alone. Often when I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges these issues posed and still pose me, my weekly session with PHMP gave me the confidence and sense of well-being to continue the process towards sobriety and to building a life without the same cravings and anxiety of my addiction. They are highly skilled and especially positive because of their experience in helping so many others.

They also assisted me in finding other resources available to process my issues and to analyse them in a constructive and accepting fashion so that I was able to become a safe practitioner and a happier person. PHMP have also been able to assist me in these matters without professional bodies becoming aware of them so that further destructive consequences to myself and my patients could be avoided.

I am indebted to PHMP and am delighted and relieved that I was able to elicit their help early enough. I cannot recommend PHMP highly enough to anyone – if you have any doubt about you current functioning in light of similar issues, please do not hesitate to contact them or the consequences may not be quite as fortunate.”